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Chicago we have a problem

…Johnson stressed that the Chicago police order to arrest dozens during a large teen gathering last weekend in the South Loop was constitutional and compassionate… (Chicago Tribune)

Mayor Brandon Johnson made the above statement during a press conference yesterday. He was responding to the mob of young people who created havoc, damaged property, and looted and trashed a 7-11 in the South Loop neighborhood. Can someone explain to this retired police officer WTF a compassionate arrest is? In almost thirty years and more arrests than I can count, I never heard of a “compassionate arrest.”

It only got t more ridiculous. “Unfortunately, arrests were made. Unfortunately, some damage was caused.” Unfortunately? Geebus, this guy is unfortunate. What were the police supposed to do when property is damaged and a store is looted? Hand out lollipops and send the offenders home to mommy and daddy? It was fortunate the police made arrests. It was more than unfortunate property was damaged and goods were stolen.

But wait, there’s more. The mayor took “umbrage” over a reporter referring to the mob of youths as a mob. “We’re not talking about mob actions,” Johnson said. “We have to be careful when we use language to describe certain behavior.”

So, what is the new politically correct woke term for a mob of youths creating havoc, damaging property, looting, and some carrying firearms? Have they invented a new term for this group activity? Of course, the reporters will obey the mayor as they are obsequious boot lickers, in fear of losing access. The editorial boards will get on board by not upbraiding the mayor for his ridiculousness. The Chicago news media is made up of cowards and lickspittles. There is no longer courage or fearlessness in the Chicago media.

Brandon Johnson is starting to look ridiculous. The mayor of Chicago is not supposed to look ridiculous. If mobs of young people having fun involves committing crimes, then they should be arrested, charged, and punished. Their parents should be ordered to make restitution for the damage they cause. That is fair and constitutional.

Here is a thought, since the mayor does not believe mobs of youth are not responsible for their actions. Chicago residents and business owners who suffer losses from large groups of young people running wild in their neighborhood may want to take a tip from a North Side alderman: Bill the city! The unusual suggestion came from Lakeview Ald. Bennett Lawson (44th) following an hours-long “teen trend” near the Belmont CTA station in June. (CWB Chicago) If the youth or their parents are not responsible and the police should be compassionate, then the city should pay for all criminal damage to property and looting perpetrated by these mobs. That is fair justice. That is compassionate. That is fortunate.

Then there was this. Large crowds injure 3 cops, damage CPD squad cars on northwest and southwest sides overnight. Chicago Police officers were injured trying to break up two drag racing events on the Northwest Side. Hmm, how “compassionate should the police be?”

It appears Brandon Johnson expects people to change their vocabulary to fit his compassionate and healing public safety agenda. Of course, we will see what happens if these mobs- now called trends for some stupid reason- attack his neighborhood or block. Chicago will learn just how compassionate Johnson really is. 

It appears Chicago went from dumb to dumber when they voted out Lightfoot and chose Johnson. Johnson, like most politicians, is proof education is wasted on some people. Their feelings are more important than reality. We may be looking at the next one-term mayor.

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