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Brandon Johnson did it again

Image: PV Bella

Mayor Brandon Johnson needs to think before he flaps his soup coolers. He is embarrassing himself. Since the editorial boards and reporters are giving him wide sway, Johnson believes he can say whatever he wants and get away with it. There will be no harsh criticism.

Now, there’s a lot to be said about the neighborhoods of Chicago, but there is one thing for sure, if you’re not offering solutions or hope for our neighborhoods, shut your mouth about the city of Chicago,” said Johnson.

Had the mayor started with, “If you do not live in Chicago … shut your mouth,” there would be no issue. People who do not live here know nothing and have no solutions. We have been bashed by less-ons* from other places for too long.

Johnson is telling the critics to shut up. Thou shalt not criticize the mayor or the city. Johnson is too full of hubris. As the saying goes, “Pride goeth before the fall.” If Johnson keeps up with his prideful and purposeful foot-in-mouth disease, his fall will be swift.

Johnson has no solutions as far as anyone can see. His first hundred days in office are nothing to brag about. His campaign promised no solutions to Chicago’s various serious problems including violent crime, homelessness, and the migrant crisis. Like Lori Lightfoot, it appears failure is an option and will be touted as success.

I wanted to give the new mayor the benefit of the doubt, in hopes he would be better than Lightfoot. It appears we are in for four years of stumbling, bumbling, and mumbing. Every time Johnson opens his mouth nothing intelligent or intelligible comes out. Just warnings. The only reason he is mayor is because over sixty percent of registered voters did not vote. Now Chicagoans must suffer the consequences.

Solutions have been offered for many of our problems over the decades. Politicians did not heed or execute them. Johnson is no different. Like his long line of predecessors, he will improve little and accomplish less. But, he will order people to “shut up,” including the weak-kneed news media and their lily-livered editorial boards.

The migrant issue is turning into a crisis. Johnson is doing little to mitigate it. As the article states, he offers few specifics of whatever his solution is. In reality, he is doing nothing to stop the Texas filtration buses from trafficking humans into our city. Neither is the governor, State Attorney General, or the U.S. Department of Justice. Once again, here are some solutions, Mr. Mayor. One, impound every bus that brings in migrants and tow them to the auto pound. The fees will be high and the city can use the bucks. Two, go into federal court, file a suit, and get a stay until the suit is heard. Geez, how hard is that?

We do not need Chicagoans to “shut up.” We need the people and the news media to create a loud noise until Johnson starts doing something. You know, acting like a mayor instead of a sock puppet.

Brandon Johnson is out of his element. He is not and was never ready for prime time. It is now his job to offer solutions. Johnson needs to act and stop mumbling nonsense.

*Less-ons are lower than morons.

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