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Peter V. Bella Posts

Fall is the best season


“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” (Lauren DeStefano)

Fall is in full swing. The days are getting chilly, with a few Yoyo warm days. Fall has always been my favorite season. I love the crisp, clean weather.

Fall is the best season. It is significantly better than spring. The sunlight is different and more pleasant in the fall. On cloudless days, the light is not as harsh as the overbearing summer sunlight. The sky becomes an artist’s palette, with hues of pink, orange, and purple clouds at sunrise and sunset.


The trees change colors to yellows, oranges, reds, and eventually brown. They are works of art. Someone once wrote that “The leaves become flowers in the fall.” Fall is nature in all its glory. Eventually, the trees will become bare. Many will look like twisted gnarly Ents suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

 Birds migrate south for the winter. Honking geese fill the skies with their vee formations. If you are lucky, you can see flocks of starlings swirling in their formations. The swirling is called murmuration. It is a joy to see.

We eat heartier foods like stews, soups, various roast meats, fowl, chili, and other comfort foods. The harvest puts seasonal products for us to savor. Ovens and slow cookers get used to make savory hearty meals. You can go apple picking or pumpkin harvesting. We cook and enjoy food more. It is too uncomfortable to eat well in the humid heat of summer.

We look forward to holiday feasts, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve and Day.

Fall is the harbinger of death in the seasons. We dread the thought of Chicago winters. The harsh crunch of walking on snow and ice replaces the crackly pleasantness of walking on fallen brown leaves. The hawk assaults us with its deadly blasts. We suffer. We squeeze every ounce of pleasure and beauty out of fall, knowing winter’s nasty bite will make us miserable.

There are some drawbacks to fall. That f**king nasty fake pumpkin spice s**t that drooling, slobbering idiots and less-ons (Lower than morons) line up for at those oh-so-precious coffee shops. Candy corn, which resembles rat pellets and has the texture of earwax, is another horrid treat that makes its presence in the fall. Then there are the pi**ed off parents on Halloween who curse at you for running out of candy for their crotch critters.

Fall starts football season. Since the McCaskey Bears want to move out of the city, I thoroughly despise them and their evil, greedy, cheapskate, and chiseling owners. I root for their opponents, causing some consternation in my local drinking establishment. I want to see their QB and back up QBs get taken out for the season. Yeah, I wish for harm. I have no pity or mercy for Ken Dolls. The pork sword grand spawn of George Halas are despicable orcs.

Get out and enjoy the season. Appreciate the artistry of fall. Take in as much as possible because winter is coming. Winter is the season of bit**ing and moaning in Chicago. Yeah, yeah, yeah, those first snows are pretty until they turn into gray, sooty, and dog p**s yellow slush piles.  We will slip, slog, and slosh our way everywhere in misery.

The gray winter days will weigh heavily on us, causing SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder or, as it is known, S**tty All Day Disorder.

Happy fall.

Begging for public safety


“We’ve got to figure something out on enforcement. … I’m not asking you to be a social worker. I’m not asking you to be a mental health counselor. I’m not asking you to be a basketball coach. … I’m asking you to be the police. This is what our residents are asking for in some of these challenged communities.” (Ald. Jason Ervin/Fox 32)

Chicago Superintendent of Police, David Brown, was on the hot seat during his budget meeting with the Chicago City Council last week. After over two years into his failed tenure, alderpersons finally found the courage to challenge his epic public safety failures, though they stopped short of demanding his resignation.

Alderpersons from across the city questioned his competency in keeping citizens safe from violent crimes on the streets and the C.T.A.. They did not accept his excuses for his continuing failures. Alderpersons in what were considered the safer neighborhoods were incensed over the violent crimes and catalytic converter thefts. Two aldermen whose wards include the C.T.A. Red and Blue Lines complained about the crime, violence, and lack of police presence on public transportation.

The morale of the Chicago Police Department is the lowest it has ever been. Almost 1000 officers retired this year or sought employment elsewhere. It is pastime Mayor Lightfoot fire David Brown over his miserable performance. He refuses to learn about Chicago and its neighborhoods. He thinks Chicago is Dallas, which is a mere imitation of a real city. Brown is clueless about our city, its citizens, and culture.

David Brown does not care about Chicago, the citizens. He does not care about the health and welfare of our hard-working police officers. All Brown cares about is his precious meaningless data and data analytics pornography, which the puerile Chicago news media slobbers over. Maybe Brown should put a data analytics page on one of the internet porn sites or Only Fans to further titillate Chicago’s supposed journalists.

In my neighborhood, the police presence is almost non-existent. I used to see police cars patrolling the area and my block several times a day. I rarely see police officers in the neighborhood, near my home, in the business areas, or around the two El stations nearby.

I ride the El. I do not see the supposed security guards the C.T.A. hired, or the supposed enhanced police presence. Maybe, like the ghost buses and trains, the security guards and police officers assigned to public transportation are from the spirit world. After all, Halloween is approaching.

Now, people are being “kidnapped,” being driven to another location, robbed, then released. Others are forced at gunpoint to go to ATMS and take out money. This is a new twist on violent crime. What will our wile criminals come up with next to terrorize the population?

In the meantime, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is partying and promoting bread and circuses while running for reelection. She is like Nero, playing his lyre while Rome burned.

“… I’m asking you to be the police. This is what our residents are asking for in some of these challenged communities.” It is a pity an alderman must literally beg the Superintendent of Police to be the police.We are all pleading with David Brown to be the police, what were once known as the real police. If not, Tex Brown should saddle up his horse and ride off into the sunset. That overpaid mercenary can find another city to ruin.

Ghost Buses and Trains


For quite a while people in various neighborhoods have been complaining about C.T.A ghost buses and trains. They use their apps to check the schedules, get to the bus stop or El station in time to catch it only to find the scheduled bus or train does not arrive.

Complaints to Alderpersons went nowhere, just like complaints about public safety go nowhere. Members of the city council complain to no avail to get better services for their constituents to Mayor Lightfoot, who turns a deaf ear. She is more concerned with bringing in bread and circuses, attending various events touting something or another, or partying. She is not concerned with providing essential or even critical city services. Chicago is no longer the city that works.

City services have never been this bad. CTA service has never been this bad. What good are transportation APPS if the scheduled buses or trains do not arrive? Further, the CTA is no longer safe to ride. Crime is rising on the El trains and platforms. The security people the C.T.A. hired are invisible. There are not enough police to patrol the platforms, stations, or ride the trains.

In light of this epic failure of our mayor and the C.T.A, here is a little ditty.


If there’s something strange

No bus in your neighborhood

Who you gonna call?

(Ghost Buses)

If you are late

And it don’t look good

Who you gonna call?

(Ghost Buses)

If its raining and no bus

Running through the street

Who can you call?

(Ghost Buses)

An invisible bus

Not on the sched

Oh, who you gonna call?

(Ghost Buses)

Who you gonna call?

(Ghost Buses)

If you’re all alone

Wet, cold, and late

Pick up the phone

And call

(Ghost Buses)

The Ken Dolls never fail to disappoint

Photo: PV Bella

The McCaskey Ken Dolls showed up Thursday night in Soldier Field wearing their cute pumpkin-colored uniforms. One could wonder if they reeked of pumpkin spice cologne to boot. They sure looked pretty, sashaying all over their home field. Looking pretty is about all they did. They lost, again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the drooling, slobbering local sports media touted their stats, improvement, and all kinds of other happy horse manure. The Ken Dolls LOST. Stats and improvement are meaningless. All that counts is winning.

They supposedly were playing the worst team in football, the Washington Commanders. The McCaskey Ken Dolls are the worst team in football. They proved it. By the way, the Commander’s coach is Ron Rivera, one of the former real Chicago Bears who won Super Bowl XX. A big f***ing ouch. Another humiliation for a team that wallows in humiliation.

They should change the name of the team. The Chicago Pumpkins is more appropriate than the Bears. Pumpkins are only good for decorations, target practice, and soft, silken, custard like pies. That sums up the Ken Dolls.

How low can the Ken Dolls go? When will the sports media in this town criticize instead of lionizing them? Hell, they are worse and maybe just as corrupt as the news reporters who hype and prop up our politicians, believing their bull manure. The news media in this city are nothing more than secretaries taking dictation and repeating it.

I stopped being a Ken Doll fan when the evil McCaskeys, the epitome of cheapskates and chiselers, decided they were leaving Chicago. I pray to the Great Comedian that they lose every game. Whoever plays the Ken Dolls, I support them. I disposed of the Bears crap I had.

This team does not deserve the appellation of Bears. The former Monsters of the Midway turned into the Pantywaists of the Pumpkin Patch. It took years to get them this far down. It is right where the McCaskeys want them. They do not care about winning or football. They only care about the kachingos coming in while spending as little as possible.

The McCaskeys can’t move their p**s poor team out of our great city soon enough. They are an embarrassment to Chicago. They can make the suburbs oh so proud of their failures.

This city suffered enough under the reign of the McCaskeys. It is time to turn our collective backs on them. Like the New Orleans Saints of old, fans should show up at games wearing bags over their heads so they cannot be recognized and humiliated for being so rabidly stupid.


Photo: PV Bella

“I have already found out that the only thing that keeps me from going completely screwball is just to keep at work every minute of the night and day, and maybe this is a good thing, maybe the best thing that can happen to anybody. To keep at work.” (Woody Guthrie)

I have been working a few projects and preparing for a project next year. The local news is something I keep an eye on. I watched the debate between Governor Pritzker and his GOP opponent, Darren Bailey. Bailey was woefully unprepared. He offered no policy solutions during the debate. He had every opportunity to state his case. Instead, he turned the debate into an argument. It was pathetic.

“‘Early Voting in Chicago for the 2022 General Election will start on October 7 through November 8, 2022 (Election Day).

The Chicago Board of Elections Supersite (191 N. Clark) and the Chicago Board of Elections Office (69 W. Washington, 6th Floor) will be open for Early Voting on October 7 through November 7, 2022… All 50 Ward Early Voting sites will be open from October 24 through November 8 (Election Day). These sites are open Weekdays from 9:00am to 6:00pm; Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm; Sundays from 10:00am to 4:00pm; and on Election Day (Nov. 8) from 6:00am to 7:00pm.” (Chicago Board of Elections)

One of the most important patriotic acts, if not the most important, is to vote. It is not just a right. It is a duty. Get out and vote. Vote early at these locations when they open or vote on Election Day, November 8th. If you are eligible., get your mail in ballot in as soon as possible.

Photo: PV Bella

Forget all that bull hockey rhetoric, rally round the flag nonsense, or all the other so-called patriotic claptrap. Be a true patriot and vote. If you do not vote, you are no patriot, no matter how many flags and red, white, and blue horse droppings you wrap yourself in. You are no better than a traitor.

In April we get to vote for Chicago’s mayor and alderpeople. If you live in Chicago, this will be the most important vote in your lifetime. Public safety in Chicago is an oxymoron and the Superintendent of police is a moron. Lightfoot refuses to fire him despite his continued failures. There are many potential candidates to choose from. Again, just get out there and vote. Your safety and possibly your life depends on it.

There is no such thing as a wasted vote. If you do not like or agree with the parties anointed candidates and there is a third party or independent candidate on the ballot, vote for them. You should vote for the people whose issues and policies resonate with you, not the rest of the ovine masses. The concept of voting for someone who can win versus your personal preference is the big lie to keep the ineffective and disastrous two-party system alive and well.

Vote. Vote for who you want. Just do it.

Chicago-style BBQ


When I was young, relatives and family friends would travel to the South or West sides to buy barbecue. Some came in from the suburbs to get their barbecue fix. They would brag that it was the best barbecue they ever had. When I worked in Lawndale as a police officer, there were some good barbecue places we frequented.

I’ve eaten in many of Chicago’s barbecue places, including Smoque, Smoke Daddy, Honky Tonk, and Chicago Q. While they are all good, the best barbecue in the city is the African American barbecue places serving Chicago-style barbecue. I used to patronize Bibs and Ribs in Hyde Park until they closed. Most are located on the South and West sides of the city.

A few BBQ places tried to open on the Northside and did so-so business. The pandemic caused many to close. Most of the South and West side barbecue places are only carryout and or delivery. A few have long lines to get in and it is best if you order ahead.

We have the Chicago-style hotdog and Chicago -style deep-dish pizza. Chicago-style Italian beef sandwiches, Chicago-style gyros, and Chicago-style tavern pizza (Round pizza cut into small square pieces) In the mid-20th Century there was Chicago-style chop suey, mostly sold in the Southside African American neighborhoods to workers. It was a filling, nourishing, and most important, inexpensive lunch.

Chicago Tribune food columnist, Nick Kindelsperger wrote a piece about Southside barbeque and the ascendence of Texas style barbecue in the Chicago area. He also described the struggles of Southside barbecue of becoming a local phenomenon.

As Nick Kindelsperger points out, Chicago-style barbecue is prepared in glass aquarium style smokers unique to Chicago. Chicago-style barbecue is also more pork-centric, especially rib tips, pulled pork, and hot links.

Though some of the South and West side’s barbecue restaurants have been around and popular for decades, the term Chicago-style barbecue never caught on like other foods.

Over the past several years, barbecue restaurants cooking other styles of barbecue such as South Carolina and Texas styles opened. Many like those mentioned above are popular and draw crowds while touting their “styles” of BBQ.

Chicago-style barbecue, like other foods, is truly unique to our city and the style should get the recognition it deserves. The pitmasters who create this deliciousness should also get more recognition, not just from the food world and media, but the public.

Chicago’s pit masters should, if they haven’t already, form an association. They could create a marketing and branding plan to popularize Chicago-style barbecue and put it in people’s minds just like Chicago-style hot dogs, beef sandwiches, gyros, and pizza.

There is no reason Chicago-style barbecue cannot be as popular or in the language as other Chicago-style foods. Food writers should jump on the band wagon too, sampling the food from various barbecue places and touting Chicago-style barbecue.

Look up Chicago-style barbecue places, try them, and even wait in long lines. You will be surprised and pleased. Tell your friends or bring them along. The only way to celebrate and promote Chicago-style barbecue is for people to patronize these places, eat the food, and get the word out there.

The Walking Man is on the mend


Joseph Kromelis, 75, also known as the Walking Man or Walking Dude, was released from the hospital to a nursing rehabilitation facility. Four months ago, he was set on fire while sleeping in the underground Wacker Drive. The offender doused him with gasoline and lit him on fire. According to doctors, he was burned over fifty percent of his body. He was not expected to survive. A few years ago, he survived a beating with a baseball bat. He was hospitalized and then sent to rehab. Mr. Kromelis has a long road to recovery, with more surgeries ahead. It is a miracle he survived this latest horrendous attack.

Mr. Kromelis has been a familiar figure in the Near Northside for decades. He could be seen walking in all kinds of weather. He is easily recognizable by his shoulder length gray hair and mustache. According to relatives, he is not mentally ill, he just loves to walk and loves Chicago.

People would photograph him. He became very good at avoiding being photographed or moving quickly to blur them. There is a Facebook page dedicated to him and there was a YouTube documentary.

Mr. Kromelis might be homeless, but he has siblings, nieces, and nephews. According to various sources, his family moved to Chicago from Lithuania when he was a child. His father owned a tavern. The family moved to Michigan after selling the bar. Kromelis returned to Chicago, obtained a peddler’s license, and began selling jewelry and watches on the streets. He lived in an SRO until a developer converted it to condos.

Violence against the homeless is not new and is increasing. “Homelessness is a very dangerous undertaking,” especially for women, older adults, people with severe mental health issues, and people with substance abuse issues, who “are more likely to be attacked or victimized on the street,” said Donald Whitehead, executive director for the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH), who himself was previously homeless. “These kinds of activities are happening all the time.

The various homeless camps in Chicago offer some havens, as there is safety in numbers, especially at night when people are asleep. But there have been instances of people starting tents on fire or burning camps down when people are not there.

It is estimated that the homeless population in Chicago is over 16,000 people, including those who temporarily move in with friends or relatives, couch surfers. The city is doing little to assist them, contrary to what they claim, just like their lies about public safety.

The city is doing everything to assist developers to build mid and high rises for people with money. There is no push for housing the homeless in residences with various social services. There is no push to develop or repurpose housing for the homeless. But, hey, look what they are doing for the whiny bitchy bike people? They bend over backwards for those over privileged entitled stinking sweat hogs.

Chicago is a city run by scoundrels. The NIMBYs are just as evil. Chicago has no values except greed, lust for power, and apathy towards the most vulnerable in society. The motto of Chicago should be non Damnare, “We don’t give a damn.”

Dumb, dumber, and dumbest


At least two people were shot in separate incidents in the Loop as revelers filled Chicago’s downtown area to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day. At times, members of the crowd overwhelmed Chicago police, threw bottles and other objects at officers, and even tried to pull some cops from their patrol cars. (CWBChicago)

Videos uploaded to the Citizen App showed people climbing on top of a CTA bus to wave Mexican flags. A sports car caught on fire outside the Roosevelt Red Line station while other souped-up vehicles spun donuts in downtown intersections.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Summer of Joy quickly turned into her Fall of Folly. Her plan to control the unsanctioned Mexican Independence Day “celebrations” failed worse than it did last year. The revelers even shut down DuSable Lake Shore Drive to race, do donuts, and shoot off fireworks.

Lightfoot failed again. She should have either planned a downtown parade or shut down all access to the downtown area. She knew full well her grand idea would be a failure, yet she persisted.


Image: PV Bella

Superintendent David “Tex” Brown never fails to surprise and always surprises with his failures. His latest plan, strategy, deployment, scheme, scam, or outright lie is not only mind-boggling, but ridiculous. Chicago Police will employ spike strips that destroy tires, to curb drivers doing donuts on our streets, blocking off traffic and emergency services, and posing a danger to all. The policies for employing the spike strips virtually prohibit the police from employing them. Worse, the spike strips are not for urban streets or the donut racers. Great, waste of taxpayer money to purchase the equipment you are virtually making it almost impossible to employ, and looking foolish simultaneously. This article lays out Brown’s idiocy.


“Democratic politicians including Lightfoot, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker have vowed to welcome the migrants and provide a full range of services to meet their immediate needs.”

“Well, until they actually showed up. Then Mayor Lightfoot shipped them somewhere else without warning.” (Darren Bailey)

Darren Bailey, the gift that keeps on giving, and supposed Christian Warrior man of the people who is living in the lap of luxury in the former Hancock building, is not only the dumbest goobernatorial candidate to run for office in modern history, but he is a candidate for the dumbest supposed human in Illinois. (The jury is out over Bailey being human or possessing any shred of humanity)

Yeah, Lightfoot or her people could not find a few minutes to give a heads-up to the suburban mayors. It was a dumb boneheaded move on her part. But she made many dumb boneheaded moves while in office, so what else is new?

Bailey claims and preaches he is a Christian. He reads scriptures during his morning campaign videos. So, let’s see what kind of Christian he really is. The next and future bus load(s) of immigrants to hit Chicago should be rerouted to Clay County, where Xenia, Baley’s home village is.

The immigrants can be dropped off at the entrance to Bailey’s thousands of acres of farmland. We will see how devout Bailey and his local mackerel-snapping Christians are in practicing Jesus’s message of hunanity.

Let’s see if Bailey, his villagers, and other community members will embrace and help or shun the immigrants, proving their epic Christian hypocrisy.

Will they be good Samaritans or bigots like Darren Bailey? The state could and should provide a State Police escort to ensure the immigrants are delivered to Bailey’s farm. If the drivers refuse, the city or state should tow and impound the buses. Let Arizona and Texas figure out how to get them back from the auto pound in one piece.

Maybe Bailey and his villagers can find some scripture to deny mercy, kindness, succor, and love of his fellow human beings. Maybe somewhere in his patriotic Bible, there is a verse that kindness is strictly reserved for citizens of the Good Ole U.S. of A, except the homeless, poor, elderly, veterans, and sick, who Bailey and his ilk would deny help.

When Bailey loses the election for governor, I am sure Xenia will welcome their village idiot home with open arms. They may even hold a clown parade with fools, jesters, and animal acts. They can have a tractor parade and a twenty-one gun salute for their local loser.

Speaking of bussing, I have another one of my modest proposals. Predictions are this winter will be brutal. Mayor Lightfoot should start preparing now. She should get the religious, business, corporate, millionaire, and billionaire community together to raise millions of dollars to help our massive homeless population survive the winter since the city is doing little to nothing to help them, just like they are doing little or nothing for public safety.

I propose before winter sets in, the homeless be given round-trip bus tickets to various cities in Florida, especially the beach cities. Their possessions could be inventoried and placed in secure storage until they return. They should be given gift debit cards with enough money to set up camps and buy provisions to carry them over through the winter on Florida’s beaches, parks, and other open spaces. Miami, Tampa, Daytona, Palm Beach, St Pete’s, Orlando. Jacksonville and other tourist cities should be targeted to help the homeless survive winter.

Some busloads can arrive in front of wherever Governor Ron DeSantis lives to set up camps. They could take over golf courses, even Mar-a-Lago. Golf is a useless leisure activity for lazy people who like to dress funny and try to put their little balls in bigger holes. Croquette, badminton, and ping-pong require more skill and athleticism than golf.

The homeless would live in a warm climate through the winter. They could return to Chicago in the spring. Maybe by then, this city of failure and folly can figure out a better solution to help people in dire need instead of major developers constructing ugly buildings and their private suburban-style highrise neighborhoods for people from somewhere else.

Farm boy moves into city aerie


Like syphilis, Illinois GOP goobernatorial Candidate, Darren Bailey is the gift that keeps on giving. “Darren Bailey has moved into the John Hancock Center, one of Chicago’s most iconic buildings, to “immerse” himself “in the culture” of a city he’s repeatedly dubbed a “hellhole… “Chicago is living The Purge, when criminals ravage at will and the cops stand down.” WTF is the Purge?

Pritzker’s campaign released a statement saying, in part, “… despite regularly disparaging the City of Chicago as a hellhole, Bailey seems to have no problem enjoying his high-rise digs on the Magnificent Mile. He is grossly out of touch with Illinois families.” (ABC 7)

Wealthy farm boy Darren Bailey moved into the former Hancock Center, one of Chicago’s  most iconic and expensive buildings. He is living in one of Chicago’s wealthiest neighborhoods, high above the city, which he calls a hell hole. What Chicago culture will farm boy Bailey immerse himself in living among his fellow millionaires?

Geez, this guy is suffering from a tertiary case of clownmydia. If Bailey were serious about absorbing the city’s cultures- yeah plural, he would move into the neighborhoods of Lawndale, Little Village, South Shore, Hyde Park, Logan Square, West Lawn, Garfield Ridge, Mr. Greenwood, Austin, University Village, Englewood, etc. etc. etc.

The only culture Bailey wants to absorb is that of people just like him, the wealthy. He is a stone’s throw away from his opponent, incumbent, J.B. Pritzker’s home. Since he also moved into a tourist area, he can absorb tourist culture. You know, wandering around aimlessly, buying all kinds of useless junk, eating mung and dreck in higher priced crappy chain or franchise restaurants, and acting like the rube and bark chewer he really is.

Hell, he can even wear cargo shorts, a backpack to stuff bought junk in, and a bright yellow tee shirt sporting “I’M WITH STUPID.” You know, in case he gets lost, the police can find his staff who wear the same tee shirts.

Bailey is the most clueless candidate for Illinois governor in modern history. He is a clown running a clown show. Bailey is tone-deaf and has no clue about the poor optics he is giving off. Do not expect him to walk anywhere in Chicago during the day or at night, “immersing” himself in the culture. Bailey does not even know the various definitions of culture.

Darren Bailey will learn nothing about our diverse multi-cultural city hiding in his aerie high above the city streets. He might learn about peregrine falcons as they nest high in high places.

Does anyone believe Darren Bailey will walk the neighborhoods, pressing the flesh with ordinary hard-working citizens in this city? Will he film himself walking the streets, learning about the various cultures in Chicago Will he eat in the real ethnic cultural restaurants in the various neighborhoods? Or will he fake it like he did recently when he claimed to witness open-air drug sales and meth bags at his feet?

Darren Bailey is a charlatan and a fraud. His entire campaign is the equivalent of a Ponzi scheme. He built it on ignorance of the issues, the powers of the governor, a mile-high stack of lies, and mackerel-snapping bible verses.

The Illinois GOP should be appalled that their candidate is woefully ignorant of anything to do with government and governance. But, they are stuck. According to their bylaws, they must support the candidates on the ballot no matter how horrendous they are.

There is one thing we should question. Is Bailey or his campaign paying the rent for his luxury Hancock aerie, or is it an in-kind donation from wealthy supporters? Inquiring minds need to know.

Godspeed Ramsey Lewis

Jazz great and legend Ramsey Lewis died this week. Lewis was a son of Chicago. He was born, raised, lived, and died in this city. Mr. Lewis recorded over 80 albums and received many awards, including three Grammy awards. Mr. Lewis was a fixture at the former Mr. Kelly’s. on Rush Street, where Gibsons is now.

By the time Ramsey Lewis was 30, he was one of the country’s most successful jazz musicians. In addition to composing and performing, Ramsey Lewis hosted radio shows in Chicago. Mr. Lewis was a fixture at the former Mr. Kelly’s. on Rush Street, where Gibsons is n

Godspeed Mr. Lewis. You were devoted to your art and loved Chicago.